Буэнос Айрес: аргентинский город с европейской атмосферой

Puerto Madero: Calatrava bridge, Sarmiento Frigate at dusk. BuenosAires, Argentina

(c) buenosaires.rice.edu

(c) buenosaires.rice.edu

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View of Puerto Madero Harbor, with Calatrava´ s «Bridge of the Woman», Frigate Sarmiento and Downtown Office buildings at dusk.
About Puerto madero: This wealthy area of Buenos Aires, on the river margin, gained importance since the recycling of the antique harbour docks in the early ’90s. Puerto Madero area was originally born at the end of the XIX century, as an alternative to the antique Buenos Aires port, created in the colonial époque. Its structure -with closed docks- and the considerable increase of the ships size at the beginning of the XX century originated the construction of a new port. For that reason, Puerto Madero, despite its strategic location -near downtown- entered a process of progressive inactivity.

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